Thursday, March 13, 2008

Zoo Land vs. Parkland

Letters to the Editor
Thursday, March 13, 2008 - Memphis Flyer
Zoo Land vs. Parkland

I am totally outraged at the insensitivity the Memphis Zoo showed in its development of its new exhibit ("Up a Tree," March 6th issue). For the sake of expansion, the zoo chose to destroy four acres of old-growth forest in Overton Park. It is environmentally moronic.

I consider myself informed and active regarding environmental issues in our city. I use the park at least twice a week, and yet I had no idea the zoo had plans to "develop" this area. If the nonprofit group Friends of Overton Park knew of this project, why wasn't the public informed? Who is speaking for the trees?

Who did the environmental-impact study on this project? Something like this would never happen in an enlightened city. It is repulsive that we have forever lost one of the last pieces of old-growth forest in the city in exchange for an exhibit that cages wolves and bears.

My fellow citizens, our city power-brokers and leaders are failing us. It's time to break out the monkey wrench.

Billy Simpson


Anonymous said...

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