Tuesday, April 8, 2008

By popular demand...

Below is a rough and overlapping panorama of about two-thirds of the Teton Clearcut as it looked on Sunday, April 6. I took these photos from the park road that forms the eastern boundary of the site.

Looking southwest at a building foundation and boom crane. There's a small area of protected trees between the crane and the construction shack. The trees behind the construction shack are inside our 17-acre Enchanted Forest.

Note the batter boards marking the outline of another structure.

Those blue poles in the distance are PVC pipes ready for water/sewer hookups.

Looking west.

There's the roof of the Northwest Passage amphitheater on the right. More batter boards in the foreground.

Still looking toward Northwest Passage. You can see through the green fence -- the cleared ground extends all the way to that single line of protected trees, which mark the boundary between Teton Clearcut and the rest of the Zoo.

If you want to check this out in person, mark your calendar for our April 19 hike! We meet at 3:00pm at the trail bridge on Old Forest Lane, next to the Rainbow Lake parking lot. We'll enjoy a pleasant stroll in the forest at the northeast corner of Overton Park, then view the Memphis Zoo's progress.


Rebecca A. Maynard said...

climb up behind saplings to a crux step left onto wall and follow the pale wall all the way to the top - one of the best lines here. Traversing left from the tree to finish up Drifting is worthy too.vinyl picket fence