Friday, July 4, 2008

It's been in our master plan for 20 years...

Finally, I found the time to scan the 50 pages of the 1988 Overton Park Master Plan. It's the perfect read for your holiday weekend. Action, romance, drama, comedy -- this plan has it all! Here's a glimpse at what's inside:

Download the Overton Park Master Plan (5MB file)


wfpearson said...

I'm waiting for Guldin's report on the Old Forest since the master plan doesn't seem to address any concerns for forest management or preservation. In fact I find it rather appalling that the city was/is ready to cede public land to a private organization. It is the very definition of corporate welfare. This situation is particularly insidious due to the zoo's status as a non-profit. Does the zoo operate in the public interest or does it operate in the interest of Chuck Brady and crew?

It is evident to me that Chuck Brady and the leadership at the zoo are enriching and empowering themselves at the expense of the public. For that reason alone they should not be entrusted with a public treasure such as the Forest.

We're not asking for much. We just want the Zoo to start practicing what it preaches.

Anonymous said...

Is Chuck Brady even a resident of Memphis, or even of Tennessee? Possibly he is, but possibly he resides in Mississippi. If that be the case, we have a non-citizen running a private corporation that is trying to tell the citizens of Memphis how to run their park.

Regardless, this seems to be a case of Mr. Brady doing what he wants without listening to public input.

wfpearson said...

I just got the Zoo's July/August edition of Exzooberance, the zoo's magazine. Chuck Brady has an article about the "Chickasaw Bluffs" exhibit (The one that's been in the master plan for 20 years). The zoo makes it clear that the exhibit and the Teton Trek clearcut (did I say clearcut? the article didn't say clearcut.) are in the zoo's "existing footprint," so I guess we can all go home now. Really Chuck? Where are the documents give the zoo this land? Who determines the zoo's "footprint?"

I guess it's the zoo's master plan to take memories, and leave big F-ing footprints. "Footprint" doesn't sound nearly as bad as "clearcut" or "nature rape" or "path of destruction."

Anonymous said...

Many corporations are NON-PROFIT, which means nothing more than that they make sure that all the money is fried up at the end of the year and nothing taxable remains. Isn't that how it works? And it doesn't matter that the zoo gets incredible marks on 'how they use charitable donations'. If I was a member of the BRADY BUNCH I would make sure we were always building, always BUSY, always INDISPOSED, in meetings, on business trips. In a climate like that who would challenge the guy for a second term (if he had to face elections) It all smells like ENRON and HALLIBURTON, big building contract dollars and sweet backroom deals... maybe free vacation homes for Alice and Marsha? Bonus swimming-pools and other trinkets!?
Well you know he is from New York, but the way he acts 'wit dem frikkin trees' he seems more like some greasy Guido from Jersey vainly brushing off his suit: "What ya looking at? I'm CON-NECTTT-ED!"