Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pink flag

What does it mean when you see pink ribbons hanging on a fence?

In this case, it means that the Memphis Zoo is rocketing ahead full speed on their secret plan for the Chickasaw Bluffs exhibit.

It means the Memphis Zoo is about to develop another 17 acres of our public parkland without asking for any input from citizens, the City Council, or Park Services.

You know that old saying about asking permission vs. begging forgiveness? So far, the leaders of the Zoo have enjoyed the best of both worlds. They don't have to ask permission or beg forgiveness. Their job is to feed us the gruel, and our job is to like it.

I don't like it anymore.

Do you?

UPDATE, AUGUST 13: The Memphis Zoo has posted their explanation of the pink flagging on the Chickasaw Bluffs exhibit status page. The Zoo says the completed exhibit plan will receive "city approval" before it's actually built -- just like the Teton Clearcut received city approval, Mr. Brady? -- but fails to mention any opportunity for public involvement in the planning or design process. Sounds like more of the same old gruel to me.


bridgmanpottery said...

so much for ten years from now on this exhibit. I'm glad they've got the funds to make two huge exhibits at one time. I wish they'd let me in on that little funding secret.