Monday, September 29, 2008

History Hike

The very enthusiastic, super smart & sweet Jimmy Ogle graciously shared some of his knowledge of Overton Park with a group of us on Sunday morning. Yes, he brought an easle and maps! We all really enjoyed hearing Jimmy's stories and learning more about the park.

We had absolutely gorgeous weather, a number of new faces, and (as usual) lots of fascinating discoveries along our 1.5 mile hike. My new friend Jimmy, after only a few seconds in our company, said, "I'm already glad I came."

I replied, "Awesome, now come every week because it is always changing in here."

Not two seconds later, Naomi who was several yards away at the front of the pack said, "Everytime you come to the Old Forest, you see something new.

Great minds think a like, I suppose.

For the next hour we shook paw paws from trees, marveled at the woodpecker graffiti on a PFI trail marker, studied numerous vines, squeezed spice bush berries to smell their lemony goodness, stared up at the sun peeking through the gorgeous many-leafed canopy, crushed polk berries to see their iridescent stain, and so on. Just another day in paradise!

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