Monday, October 27, 2008

Once more the quiet mystery

Sunday's hike was a much-needed break for me. What could be more relaxing than reconnecting with my beloved Old Forest while sharing it with others who've never walked its trails before?

We noticed the little things -- a rattan vine curling snake-like around an understory maple, both nourished by a decaying log.

We noticed the big things -- a craggy old tulip poplar silhouetted against the sky, wreathed in the brilliant fall colors of poison ivy and Virginia creeper.

And who could fail to notice a shattered treetop across the trail?

Don't worry, we'll cut a path through the debris soon. But, in the meantime, this treetop is silently teaching Old Forest visitors a small lesson on how to negotiate life's obstacles with grace.

Thanks to my friend and fellow CPOP board member Jimmy Ogle for the photographic evidence!