Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh what a tangled web...

Congrats to the Memphis Zoo on its Total Internet Makeover, which launched today. What a delightfully fresh and shiny website!

The description of the proposed Chickasaw Bluffs exhibit has a new URL but otherwise remains unchanged since its last update, about three months ago, when the Zoo festooned the 17 acres of fenced forest with pretty pink ribbons.

But remember when Memphis Zoo President/CEO Chuck Brady assured us in early September that the Zoo would actively seek public input on a draft "concept plan" for the Zoo's proposed Chickasaw Bluffs exhibit? That's still not reflected anywhere on their website.

Is it possible that Mr. Brady was just whispering sweet nothings in our collective ear, hoping that we'd stop bugging him about clearcutting four acres of publicly owned land with no public notice earlier this year? Surely not!

If the leaders of the Memphis Zoo are serious about that whole "let's ask for public input this time" concept, they need to update their substance, not just their style.