Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Greensward is Safe!

Tonight I attended a meeting to discuss the future of the Greensward in Overton Park. Hugh Teaford, an engineer with the City, started the meeting off by handing Martha Kelly, of Park Friends, this letter:

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing alternate plans to reduce flooding in Midtown. In attendance were several neighborhood reps, Jim Jalenak from the Zoo's board, Cindy Buchanan from Parks, a landscape architect, a whole slew of engineers, and me. Looks like the new plan will be much more amenable to park users. There's some research to be done and in a month or so we should know which direction the City is going to go. For now they are looking at the box culverts along Lick Creek, parts of the golf course, and the underbelly of Poplar Avenue.

It was really nice to see so many groups working together to find a solution that works for everyone.

Stay tuned!