Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ooooh, that smell...

Sorry for the belated media mention, but if you're wondering why Lick Creek has been looking and smelling super-funky lately (and not in a good way) please check out this article from last week's Memphis Flyer.

The City of Memphis says the CBU detention basin is no longer discharging silt or sewage into Lenox Bayou, and that the Lick Creek sewage bypass at Florence and Diana was fixed on Monday, but neighbors along the lower reaches of Lick Creek say it still smells bad despite the heavy rains we had last night.

If you notice water quality problems in Lenox Bayou or Lick Creek -- if the water changes color, smells "chemical" in any way, or you see dead fish -- please contact Terry Templeton, head of Water Pollution Control at our local TDEC office. His email is and his phone is 901-368-7959.