Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do the walk of life

November is a great month to visit the Old Forest -- no bugs, beautiful fall colors, fresh chilly air! On Friday evening, Stacey, Roy, Jimmy and I led night hikes for nearly 100 people at the Park Friends annual hayride/bonfire at Overton Park.

Since this was our first attempt at night-hiking and the groups were so large, we stuck to the park's paved roads so's not to misplace any small fry or break any ankles. Even on pavement, it still felt like an adventure to be walking through the Old Forest at night.

I ducked out early because I was on duty for the next morning's Second Saturday hike. More than 20 people showed up to admire the blazing hickories and glowing oaks. Here's the littlest hiker:

Every time I lead a CPOP hike, my camera rides along in my backpack, but I'm usually too busy walking-and-talking to snap photos. This time I solved that problem by handing my camera over to a talented teenager.

Thanks for these excellent photos, Tessa!

Our next free public hike is scheduled for the last Sunday of the month, so mark your calendars for 10:00am, November 30 if you'd like to join us!