Monday, June 29, 2009

Take the lively air

Yesterday was a great day to wander the shady paths of the Old Forest. You could have fried eggs on the asphalt parking lot, but, as always, the forest air was many degrees cooler.

Thanks, trees!

The leaf litter on the forest floor is dry this time of year, amplifying the rustling activity of the small creatures around us. We saw broadhead skinks and five-lined skinks, both of which are harmless to humans but murder on beetles and other insects. And too fast for us to photograph.

The spring wildflowers have all faded but the summer wildflowers are taking their place. We saw plenty of tall bellflowers.

Many of the plants in the understory are fruiting, including pokeberries:

Red buckeyes:

And our favorite edible Old Forest treat, pawpaws!

If you visit the Old Forest in late August, you'll get the chance to sample this yummy native fruit and smell the intense fragrance of thousands of ripe pawpaws.

We offer guided nature walks at 10am on the second Saturday and last Sunday of every month (rain or shine, hot or cold) so mark your calendar and tell your friends!


jccvi said...

Is it too late to start planning the Paw Paw Festival

Naomi Van Tol said...

It's never too late to plan a pawpaw party. Bring it on!