Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exercise your right to petition

We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor of Memphis and the Memphis City Council to remove the fence that surrounds 17 acres of Overton Park’s old growth forest.

In 1988, the City Council designated 33 acres of Overton Park as an expansion area for the Memphis Zoo. In the past 21 years, the Zoo has developed 16 acres of that expansion area for new exhibits. All of this publicly owned parkland is inaccessible to citizens who cannot afford to pay the Zoo’s entry fees.

We believe the surviving 17 acres of old growth forest should be unfenced and returned to Overton Park for free public use by the citizens who own it. Please give it back.

We need your help! If you can volunteer a few hours to help circulate our petition, please email us at overtonparkforever@gmail.com.

Click the image to biggify and print, or download the PDF.