Monday, March 8, 2010

The Old Forest needs YOU!

The Old Forest State Natural Area is our dream, but it won't become a reality without your help. Please call or write your state legislators today. This is a time-sensitive issue; don't wait!

Ask your senator to support SB 2415 (Marrero) and ask your representative to support HB 2563 (Richardson). If Sen. Marrero or Rep. Richardson are your legislators, thank them for standing up for the Old Forest. If you live in Memphis, Mayor AC Wharton also needs to hear from you.

This legislation would protect the 150-acre old growth forest of Overton Park from inappropriate development under the provisions of the Natural Areas Preservation Act of 1971 (T.C.A. 11-14-101).

This legislation would not limit any of the public uses -- such as walking, running, biking, bird-watching, etc. -- that are currently allowed at Overton Park.

If the Old Forest State Natural Area is created by our state legislature, the City of Memphis would work together with TDEC to develop a public management plan for the Old Forest. This plan would clearly define how the Old Forest is to be treated in future. The law provides for open citizen participation in the planning process.

If you still have questions or would like a sample letter, please email Naomi. Thank you!