Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old Forest, New Protection

The Commercial Appeal has an excellent story and editorial about the Old Forest and Overton Park in their Sunday edition. Both recap the issues and conflicts over the future and integrity of the Park.

Old Forest, old fight by Michael Kelley sunlights our goal to have the Old Forest permanently protected as a Tennessee State Natural Area and the Memphis Zoo's proposal to use a conservation easement instead.

The editorial, Overton Park Suffers as Trust Lags, describes the two protection mechanisms (which CPOP considers to be compatible rather than competitive) but also talks about City Engineering's never-say-die attempts to build a detention pond/pit/dam/anything in the Overton Park Greensward, as well as the City's off-again threat to permanently winterize the golf course.

The editorial concludes with a call for amicable and inclusive discussions over these issues. CPOP will always answer the call.