Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mayor Wharton ❤ the Old Forest

We have truly awesome news for y'all — Mayor AC Wharton is supporting the Old Forest State Natural Area! This means we have an excellent chance at getting state legislation passed within the next month that will protect 126 acres of the Old Forest from future bulldozers.

As you know from our FAQ and many blog posts, our goal was to include the fenced 17 acres in the State Natural Area designation. Memphis Zoo officials were not willing to do that, but they did agree to protect that 17 acres with a conservation easement instead. Our board accepted that compromise.

How can you help protect the remaining (unfenced) 126 acres of the Old Forest as a Tennessee State Natural Area? First, take a minute to email Mayor Wharton and thank him profusely. Then take a few more minutes to call or write your Tennessee legislators and ask them to stand with Mayor Wharton in support of Senate Bill 439 and House Bill 2056.

We are, as always, very grateful to Senator Beverly Marrero and Representative Jeanne Richardson for supporting the Old Forest State Natural Area from the start. Tell them you love 'em too.

If you want to help but aren't sure how to contact your legislators (or if you'd like a sample letter or have any questions) please email CPOP at or call us at 901-278-2396. Let's do this thing, people!

Original CPOP shirt from the 1970s, soon to be reborn.