Monday, April 28, 2008

Arbor Day

Oh man, did I have big plans for Arbor Day! Imagine 20 people joining the National Arbor Day Foundation, receiving ten trees each as a membership perk, and donating them all to the Memphis Zoo in the name of CPOP! That'd be about 200 native species to replace the ones they cut down. Hee hee.

Unfortunately, this great idea occurred to me after the April 16th deadline for a 2008 tree mailing.

Oh well.

Plan B involved leaving a few saplings outside of the Gates of Mordor with a witty note (and maybe even homemade brownies) for the nice construction workers. But, I had no guarantee that they'd plant the trees or eat the brownies.

So on to Plan C.

Warren suggested we plant two small oaks we got at Lichterman's Earthfest near our super secret special place in the forest with the kids before school/work on Friday. It was an awesome plan. What fun to get to go on a hike before going to the office! The kids found a really awesome cocoon, Warren found some mushrooms to cook up, and I found some naturally occurring mulch to help our saplings adjust to their new home.

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