Friday, April 11, 2008

Rare species sighted at Memphis Zoo!

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this shy and elusive creature yesterday, lurking in the shadows next to the Zoo's education building! Luckily it held still long enough for me to snap a photo.
One recycle bin pitted against one thousand trash bins. WHO WILL CLAIM VICTORY?

And will this new development be enough to woo alienated visitors back to the fold?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should all focus on some more of the positive things. Praising the zoo for things such as the recycling bins may prompt more conservation efforts.

Anonymous said...

From what I have just seen at the new recycling bin next to the parking lot at Rainbow Lake, the zoo had better add a real trash can next to the bin.

Anonymous said...

I counted at least 4 of these bins the last time I visited the zoo. I managed to speak to an employee about zoo recycling, and was told that behind-the-scenes recycling had been going on for years by the zookeepers and staff. He told me that these blue bins are just a first step in introducing widespread visitor recycling.

I agree with the first comment on this post - how about trying to say something positive about the zoo now and then, instead of just looking for something else to complain about? Seems to me that spotting this recycling bin should have been a good thing for you.