Friday, May 9, 2008

Across the creek and into the trees

Rosa and I had a lovely walk at Overton Park this morning. Everything is so green and luscious. We saw and/or heard hundreds of birds, including an indigo bunting, pileated woodpeckers, Mississippi kites, and two hummingbirds. And can you believe the mulberries are getting ripe already?

I'm sure you all looked at Stacey's lovely copperhead down there and said, "Oh man, now I totally CANNOT WAIT for Saturday's nature hike!!!"

But just in case that wasn't exactly your first reaction, I encourage you to come hiking with us and learn more about the fauna and flora of this amazing forest.

We meet at 10:00am at the pedestrian bridge at the east end of Old Forest Lane, right next to the Rainbow Lake parking lot. We'll hike rain or shine, so wear boots or shoes you don't mind getting muddy.

If you have any questions, email me.