Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the news...

RSVP interviewed Glenn Cox, president of Park Friends Inc., for the magazine's June edition. The text is not available online yet, but it's an interesting read. Here's an excerpt:

RSVP: Have any of PFI's plans been met with disapproval?

Cox: I think if anything, the recent zoo expansion has been met with a lot of mixed reviews from our members and from the community at large. We weren't strong and heavy-handed in our approach to the zoo -- the zoo is actually on our board -- so we missed it. We wished we'd talked to them before the trees had come down. The trees were down by the time we realized what was going on, so our best course of action is to address the future of the park including the zoo's property. Whether we agree or disagree, it's happened. There's a new advocacy group that's going on in the park right now, and we've met with them and know them personally, and their approach to this is much different than ours -- much stronger -- and we welcome them into the park. This is one of the biggest issues we've recently faced in the park and we're trying to look ahead and figure out how we can preserve and protect it for the future. If anything happens in the future, I'll view it as our fault, and we should have been at the helm. This served as a good wakeup call.