Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drove my Chevy to the... zoo?

My husband and I strolled our bambina over to the Memphis Zoo this morning, as we often do, and were intrigued by this innovative new solution to the Zoo's parking problem:

We decided this was intended to be an exciting promotion for Chevrolet, Official Panda Sponsor. It didn't make us want to buy a Chevy, but it did spark an idea. Since the walkways inside the Memphis Zoo are already traversed by trams, golf carts, and various other species of speedy smelly ATVs, why not add valet parking to the mix?

Over the past year or two, the leaders of the Memphis Zoo have provided ample proof that, for them, parking takes precedence over parkland. Surely we can expand that concept to include the interior grounds of the Zoo?

And why stop there, when we could transform the whole place into a Drive-Thru Zoo? Whoa, I think we're really onto something here!


Anonymous said...

I trust that the Zoo's tree guy/arborist gave the AOK that the nearby trees' delicate root systems would not be adversely affected by the soil impaction caused by the grazing megafauna---err parked vehicles and SUVs.

But I think they ought to swap out the tires with cinder blocks to get the real effect they surely must be aiming for—YeeAww!