Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zoo Expansion Cuts into Forest Causing Controversy

The Memphis Zoo's expansion plan was the Big Story on Channel 3 News about 20 minutes ago. Stacey ran into the news crew while her family was out walking in the park this morning, so she did an impromptu interview. We'll link to the video when it's available.

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Anonymous said...

The zoo is so full of crap with all its good intention sound bytes. Puh-lease!

Stacey Greenberg said...

is it just me or does matt thompson look almost exactly like brian carter?

...and i hate being quoted with bad grammar!

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a case of a group of people not having all the facts. It seems like both news programs and newpaper articles are painting the picture that all the trees will be taken down, when the zoo has said time and time again that removing all or even a good portion of the trees was not their intention at all. I highly recommend that CPOP take a moment to look at the project as a whole instead of stopping at the part where they see that trees will be taken down and then completely flipping out. This is not only not necessary, but a pure display of your ignorance and selfishness.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see the front page of this website? Stacey just happened to be walking this morning and did an "impromptu" interview. RRRRIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT. Does CPOP really think that we are that stupid?

Anonymous said...

In a city that is falling apart and needs good community programs and attractions, I think the zoos project is just and needed. If the zoo doesn't properly preserve the trees and forest (which they are going to do according to their plans), then you can be sure they will sell the land and then you will be looking at more housing and condo projects. Way to have all the facts there Citizens to Preserve Overton Park. Would you rather have the big huge buildings in 5 years or a nice exhibit in less than 2 years?

Anonymous said...

Wow, seems like there is a lot of anger towards this story. I wonder how long CPOP will leave these comments up to be read?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am not sure that I believe that Stacey's "random" encounter with the news crew is true. If it was someone other than a person that contributes to this website, I "may" have believed it, but when you take the interview and then comment on the interview on your own website, I find that to be fishy. Good try, Stacey, but you and your bad grammer are BUSTED!! Get your facts straight.

Naomi Van Tol said...

So far, CPOP has never deleted a comment. We figure people can draw their own conclusions about what they read.

It would be nice if Blogger offered a way to post IP addresses for cases like this, when the same person leaves a string of comments under different names.

I see we have a brand new straw man in the house: the zoo will sell the 17 acres and build condos!

That land doesn't belong to the zoo, so they can't sell it. The 17 acres belongs to the citizens of Memphis.

Ganja Blue said...

Hey, CPOP! You know your cause is getting recognition when you get your first comment troll. Congratulations!

Perhaps the drive-by anonymous commenter can explain how protecting public land from a special interest group, MZS, is selfish. Until then, will someone keep a lookout under this bridge for our friend?

Anonymous said...

Mr. McAndrews,
Were you there at this "non-random" encounter? If not, then shut up. I was there, and so were my dogs. Pity that they are smarter than you it seems.

Anonymous 2: It is clear that YOU don't have all the facts--Can CPOP count on you at being at the next meeting? I would recommend that you visit the clear-cut and see for yourself.

Anonymous 4: Most Memphians cannot spare the entrance fee to the zoo. The forest and Overton Park are free. Now what "community" are you talking about, that will benefit? Also, if you believe without question what the Zoo says now about any type of conservation, especially in light of their actions (re deforestation) that go contrary to their own Mission Statement, then you need help. I recommend that you take the RED pill, then attend the next CPOP meeting.

Anonymous 3: (See my reply to McAssScrew above)... also, please take off your tin-foil helmet--By your comments alone, one can see you suffer not from "stupidity," but paranoia. I recommend you take the BLUE pill and stay away from any newspaper, blog, or work of non-fiction.

Mr. Wright: Your comment is posted here for all perpetuity, as are Mr McAndrews' delusionary commentary.

Anonymous said...

I was informed about this website through a co-worker, and have found it very helpful in seeing the destruction and the boundaries and where things stand (even though I haven't been in the forest in the past few months.) I also have noticed that the tone of everyones comments are so aggressive. This worries me because people may not take the group seriously.

I understand the anger and seriousness of the issues at hand, but asking someone to take their pills is rather immature and distracts from the overall reason this site is here, which is to inform the general public of what is going on.

Please refrain or at least think it out before you reply to someone who is disagreeing with you. If you met that person face to face you would be yelling at them, when you should be just pointing out the facts and leading them to the same conclusion that we have come to.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the sarcasm and the cultural reference that was missed by some (red pill vs. blue pill), but if some people would take the time to actually read the CPOP web-site's entries and critically examine the various documents before they post a comment--instead of trolling anonymously for the most part, then they'd get something more respectful than my original response.