Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ms. Greenberg,

Thank you for your interest in the Zoo's Earth Day activities.
Participation by organizations in Earth Day is by invitation only. At
this time we must respectfully decline your organization's request to
participate in the event.

Brian Carter
Director of Marketing and Communications
v: 901.333.6566 | f: 901.333.6502
Memphis Zoo | 2000 Prentiss Place | Memphis, TN 38112

Visit us online at www.memphiszoo.org.


Anonymous said...

Do we know anyone who IS invited and who is sympathetic and will allow us to share a booth?

Anonymous said...

I know of a really good spot to set up a booth, really close to the zoo parking lot entrance/kiosk.

Billy said...

Invitation only.....country club mentality. I wish they would quit reminding me who's side I'm not on!

Eath Day at the Zoo is kind of an oxy-moron anyway isn't it? The Zoo's credibility has taken a pretty good hit when it comes to our good mother earth.