Saturday, March 22, 2008

SUV Convention

Did any of you midtowners get an invite to the Memphis Zoo's Good Friday SUV/Minivan Convention at the Overton Park Greensward? I know I didn't. (But they don't invite me to anything.)

Looks like these picnic-ers didn't know what they were getting themselves into:

I bet these folks with their friend in a wheelchair were really happy with the Memphis Zoo's overflow parking solution:

No doubt many of the conventioneers were thinking, "Damn, when is the Memphis Zoo going to tear down some more forest and build us a parking garage!?"

I actually felt bad for the one family of conventioneers that was dragged over to Rainbow Lake by their inquisitive four-year-old. "Look!!" he said excitedly as he pointed to the ground.

"Yeah, it's a puddle," his mother said unenthusiastically as she counted the seconds until she could be in the puddle-free safety of the Zoo's concrete jungle.

Oh how I wanted to tell that little boy about the really cool stuff he could see just a few feet away, if only his parents knew the Old Forest existed.


Anonymous said...

Actually, familys have to park out there because both zoo parking lots are full and there is no other option! Do you know why it is full? Because people like the zoo...and by the looks of it you do to because you mentioned you took your family...why would you if the zoo is so awful? and the membership is $79 not $99. Its only 99 if you get an extra person.

Naomi Van Tol said...

We don't blame the families who are parking on the Greensward. We blame the Memphis Zoo for failing to provide any long-term solutions (shuttle buses, a parking garage, etc.) for its patrons, who deserve to be treated better than this.